Transcribing from a sound recording is a specialist task. If you have ever attempted to ‘do it yourself’ you may well have discovered that without the experience, skills and equipment required it can take many, many hours. Whether the transcription is for business or personal use, transcribing will most likely take far more of your time than you can afford to lose.

Outsourcing your transcription requirements is the answer. It is cost efficient, leaves time for you to focus on your core business and guarantees high quality results.


  • Interviews

  • Speeches

  • Tribunals

  • Research discussions

  • Focus groups

  • Conferences

  • Surveys

  • Training sessions

  • Broadcasts


. . . or indeed any conversation or speech which may need to be referred to again in the future, or which may require documented preservation for legal, historical, study, evidential or personal reasons.


We offer three levels of verbatim; Strict, Intelligent and Revised. By default our transcripts are produced to Intelligent Verbatim, but please choose whichever level is required when requesting a quote.


By default, we produce transcriptions on our own template in Word .docx format. Should there be any specific formatting requirements, we can either adapt our templates or use one that the client provides.



Armstrong Transcriptions is fully compliant with the DATA PROTECTIONS ACT 1998 

(Armstrong Enterprises Limited Registration reference: ZA146376)

All personal and company contact information is held purely for the purposes of communicating with our clients during the course of the transcription work and for providing updates on the details of Armstrong Transcriptions’ services. We respect the privacy of our clients and will never pass information on to third parties.

The content of audio files and subsequent transcripts is treated with strict confidentiality. All of Armstrong Transcriptions’ transcribers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (a copy is available upon request) and Armstrong Transcriptions will sign a client’s own Agreement if required.

Sound files are transferred through WeTransfer: files are encrypted when they are being transferred (TLS) and when they are stored (AES-256). Once files are safely stored with WeTransfer, they can only be accessed using the unique links sent to the sender and recipient, and files are deleted within specified timeframes. More details of WeTransfer's security systems can be found here.  By default, we return transcripts to the client by email in Word .docx format and they can be password protected upon request. Alternative file delivery methods may be used if required.

Armstrong Transcriptions will permanently delete and shred all sound files and transcripts upon safe receipt by the client. For client back-up purposes we keep completed transcripts for 30 days and audio files for 10 days before deleting. We will delete files sooner upon request.