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Armstrong Transcriptions offers a fast, accurate and personal service to researchers and academics. Confidentiality, timescales and attention to detail are key.

Full transcripts of focus groups, telephone interviews, face to face interviews and round table discussions can be produced, with speaker tracking provided where required.

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During the course of postgraduate study, an essential requirement is the research interview. At Armstrong Transcriptions we have years of experience supporting PhD and Master’s students with their interview transcriptions. We have produced countless professional transcripts covering a wide range of subjects. Each speaker is tracked as required, and we ensure that all interjections are clearly and intelligently captured accordingly. We take the time to research the subject being discussed, to ensure that specific terminology is correctly identified. We can produce the transcript to our own standard template or tailor it to suit the researcher’s needs: adding extra columns for analysis comments, working to specific margins and font sizes, or adhering to any other formatting requirements as dictated by the course requirements.

We respect that the subject matter is frequently of a sensitive nature, and that participants’ identity must be protected at all times. Confidentiality is assured; we have our own strict code of conduct and we are also happy to comply with any stipulations imposed by ethics committees or course requirements.

The original recording is a totally accurate reproduction of the interview, but a professionally produced transcript of the recording increases accessibility and is often a necessity for in-depth analysis. Submitting verbatim interview transcripts is frequently a requirement during the course of study, and this can be an incredibly time consuming and difficult task.

Our clients who have attempted to transcribe their own research interviews have told us that it can take them days to type up a single, short interview; precious time which they simply cannot afford to lose. With specialist transcription equipment and years of experience, we work on the basis of producing ten minutes of audio in approximately half an hour.

Have you left it until the last minute and now you urgently need your interviews transcribed? Our turnaround times start at 24 hours for urgent cases.

Are you planning ahead? Are the interviews scheduled or completed, the emphasis being on budget rather than urgency? We offer a ten day turnaround starting at a very competitive 90p (apply our 10% student discount and that is just 81p) per audio minute.

With free transcripts available for new clients and student discounts on offer, contact us now to find out more.

Armstrong Transcriptions offers a fast, accurate and personal service to the world of academia and research. Confidentiality and attention to detail are key.

We have a wealth of experience producing transcripts of interviews, lectures, reports, research discussions and conferences. We pride ourselves on producing accurate and efficient transcriptions for universities, colleges, research institutions, charities, lecturers and students.

We offer a 10% discount to students in full time education - please contact us for further information.

Researchers use a variety of techniques to gather information, opinions and statistics, one such method being the focus group.

When a group of people are gathered around a table discussing ideas, the conversation can quickly become animated and dynamic; exactly what is required from a successful focus group.

However, this lively style of discussion creates difficulties in extracting the information required from the group. The facilitator may take notes at the time, but inevitably many key comments will be missed; some participants will be more vocal than others, people will talk over each other and conversations move on at a pace. By the very nature of the focus group, all opinions are valuable and it is important that nothing is missed.

The obvious way to ensure that everything is captured is to record the discussion. But then what to do with the recording?

This is where Armstrong Transcriptions can step in to assist.

At Armstrong Transcriptions, we are experienced in producing written transcripts of focus groups. Individual speakers can be tracked by name if required, and we ensure that all interjections are clearly and intelligently captured. We take the time to research the subject being discussed, thereby correctly identifying all specific terminology.

Whether the transcript is for the researcher's own purposes or for analysis for a client, Armstrong Transcriptions will always produce a high quality, accurate transcript of the discussion within your required timescales.


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