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Our price structure varies depending on your required timescales. Costs start at 90p per recorded minute. An additional surcharge may apply for strict verbatim, speaker tracking (for four speakers or more), poor quality audio, high levels of technical terminology which may require research, regular timestamps and particularly strong accents which may be difficult to understand.

Yes. If you are a student we can offer you a 10% discount across all of our services excluding the same day and 24 hour turnaround.

Yes. For orders over 250 minutes we offer a 10% discount on our 10 day turnaround service.

No. The quote is based on the information you give in the Quote Request Form, and on a short representative sample of the audio if applicable. If any undisclosed or unforeseen issues relating to the quality or content of the audio should arise, we will contact you as soon as is practically possible to discuss terms.

Our preferred file types are .mp3 or .wma but we can deal with and convert most types of digital audio file. We work primarily with transferable digital media and can only receive CDs, tapes or other non-digital media types by prior arrangement.

We have a very simple ‘drag and drop’ system on our website which you can use to upload your files. (This uses Dropbox, a system which takes security and privacy very seriously. It uses SSL/TLS for data transfer, creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher AES encryption. Data is stored in multiple secure data centres in discrete file blocks that are fragmented and encrypted using 256-bit AES. ) As the file sizes can be very big, it can sometimes take a fair amount of time to upload such files. Please be patient - this is a lot quicker, easier and far more secure than trying to email them.

If your file is larger than 100MB please try converting it to a more compact format such as mp3 or contact us for alternative transfer methods.

We have a range of turnaround times available to suit your needs. These range from 5pm the same day (when available) through to ten working days. All transcripts will be returned by 5pm on the agreed day. Please note that ‘working days’ refers to Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. So for example, an audio file received on a Wednesday with a three day turnaround would be returned by 5pm on the following Monday.

All of our transcripts are proof read by our in-house proof reader before being returned to you. This is a full read through of the entire transcript while listening to the audio, not just a 'spot check' proof read as offered by some other companies.

We email transcripts in a fully editable Word 2007 .docx format. Upon request, we can password protect documents or send them via our encrypted file share service.

In the rare event that you are not satisfied with a transcript, we will make all reasonable effort to revise it at no extra charge. However, this is extremely unlikely to occur as our typists are experienced and proficient, and all transcripts are fully proof read before being returned to the client.

We keep copies of completed transcripts for 30 days, after which they are deleted and permanently shredded.  Digital audio files are kept for 10 days. If you require your files to be deleted from our system sooner, we are happy to comply.

Our standard payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice, or as otherwise agreed in writing. Where appropriate, partial advance payments may be requested. We accept payment by bank transfer, online payment and cheque.


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