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5 easy steps

We offer a fast, accurate and personal transcription service



upload your file

Upload your audio file using our simple, secure 'browse and select' feature. The file will be secured using our fragmented and encrypted 256-bit AES system. You will be asked a few simple questions to ascertain the nature, length and quality of file. Within 3 working hours we will send you a quote for the transcription, offering a range of prices depending on your required turnaround dates. 
Please note that audio files can be very big, and they can take some time to upload. If your file is larger than 100MB please try converting it to a more compact format such as mp3, or contact us for alternative transfer methods. .
You can request a quote without uploading your file, and you can email us with a general enquiry about future work.


approve the quote


To approve the quote, reply to us confirming which turnaround you require. Our price structure is based on the number of recorded minutes and the turnaround required. Turnaround options range from 5pm the same day (where available) to 10 working days. 



file is transcribed


Your audio file will be transcribed by one of our skilled transcribers, each of whom has been selected for their extensive experience in all fields of transcription. Every person who accesses your files has signed a Confidentiality Agreement between themselves and Armstrong Transcriptions, and similarly we will sign agreements between ourselves and our clients when required to do so.

We strive for 100% accuracy, but clearly if the audio file is of poor quality or has excessive background noise, or if the speakers have strong accents which are difficult to comprehend, there may be instances of inaudibility. Such inaudibles will be clearly marked and timestamped in the transcript.



transcript is proofed


A full proof read of the transcript will be undertaken by our in-house proof reader. This will be a full read through of the entire transcript while listening to the audio, not just a 'spot check' proof read, as offered by some other companies. While our typists produce a consistently high level of transcripts, a fresh pair of ears adds an extra level of quality control.



completed transcript is returned


The completed transcript is emailed to you as a Word document (.docx). The document can be password protected or sent via a fileshare service if required. Other formats may be provided upon request. 

An invoice will be sent upon completion and payment is due within 14 days. For large projects or ongoing work, different payment terms may apply.


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